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A running update

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We are scheduled to play a total of 12 matches.    Our team will play with and against every one of the 41 teams at the regional competition.  Each game has 2 competing alliances; one red and the other blue.  Each alliance is made up of 3 teams so, barring technical difficulties, there are 6 teams on the field each game.  If we're 8th place or better at the end of our last qualifing match, we're automatically in the finals.  If not, we can still be picked by one of the top 8 teams for their alliance.

If you would like to attend the Sunday competition, it is located at Ventura College:  4667 Telegraph Rd, Ventura, CA 93003.  The doors open at 8:00 and the first match is at 9:00 am.

Match | Time
 AlliancePartners Status
06 | 3/28
Blue1458, 4619Win
64 - 26
10 | 3/28 Red4276, 1836Win
74 - 54
21 | 3/28
Red1323, 4201
101 - 76
Rank 10!!!!
Have been in the mid 30's by
this time in previous years.
24 | 3/28 1:15 pm
3501, 3970
76 - 22
Rank 10!
Average qual score 78.75
34 | 3/28 2:30 pm
696, 5678
26 - 84
We have technical difficulties.
Set screws on arm sprockets
came loose.
Dropped to rank 15.
41 | 3/28 3:20 pm
3953, 3993
28 - 138Arm fixed!
Rank 19 
Average qual score 61.5
Still way better than years past.
46 | 3/28 4:00 pm
330, 3925Win
144 - 60Rank 10!!!!!   
Average qual score 73.29
49 | 3/28 4:24 pmBlue
3120, 399
52 - 69
Rank 11 
Average qual score 70.63
59 | 3/29 9:00 am
5529, 4
Win28 - 18
Rank 19
Average qual score 65.89
64 | 3/29
5137, 2429
101 - 48
Rank 15
Average qual score 69.4
74 | 3/29
2761, 1388
89 - 138
Rank 15
Average qual score 71.18
79 | 3/29 Red
599, 980
79 - 71
Rank 12
Average qual score 71.83


We won 8 of 12 matches.  We were ranked 12 at the end of the qualifying games.  The best we ever earned.  The way selection for finals worked out, we were short by 1 of becoming one of the seed teams.  In the end, we were not selected by any of the finalist alliances.   Next time.  We made many improvements this season.




Thank You to Electric Motor Works

Electric Motor Works of Bakersfield was gracious enough to supply our team with a motor for our Shopsmith.  In case you haven't heard of it, a Shopsmith, at least our model in its current state, is a versatile shop tool that can convert into any of the following tools in moments:


Hard at Work

 Team 981 has been hard at work since the L.A. regional, Since competition they have bounded an grown more as a team and as friends. Preparing for anything that comes their way in the 2014 season. Using math and science outside the classroom to get any and all problems solved.  Since Kick-off the new 2014 FIRST competition Team 981 has been developing strategy for Aerial Assist, the new game for this year. Without going into a lot of detail the goal of this year’s game is for an alliance of three teams to work together to move a 2 foot diameter ball through three assist/scoring zones on a 25 x 54 foot field, and earn additional points by scoring goals.  Of course, teams from the opposing alliance will be simultaneously moving in the opposite direction to earn their points and defend against our team. All students are working as hard as they can to make a robot that is successful in doing so and helping our alliance when also having the most fun possible. 

2014 Season Kickoff


On January 4th, the FMHS Robotics team (nick-named Snobotics) kicked-off  their 2014 FIRST Robotics season and will participate in the 2014 challenge called Aerial AssistSM.  The goal of this year’s game is for an alliance of three teams to work together to move a 2 foot diameter ball (see photo) through three assist/scoring zones on a 25’ x 54’ field, and earn additional points by scoring “goals”.  And of course, teams from the opposing alliance will be simultaneously moving in the opposite direction to earn their points and defend against our team.

Some members of the team attended the official kick-off at USC on Jan. 4th at 7AM, and the full team met at FMHS that afternoon to finalize their game strategy and review the components received in their Kit of Parts.  We will be moving full steam ahead, meeting multiple times a week, for the next several weeks.  The FIRST schedule calls for robots to be completed by February 18th, and our first competition will be March 20-22 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

FIRST® stands for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology and is an international non-profit organization which creates and conducts sports-like contests competed with robots built by students under guidance of mentoring engineers (see The objective is to make science and engineering fun and meaningful for the students and encourage them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).

The team would like to thank their sponsors for fully funding our participation in this program. Corporate sponsors are NASA/JPL, Exxon-Mobil, Boston Scientific , and International Society of Automation.  Local support has been received from Ace Hardware and Your T-Shirt Man, Inc.  And we welcome the support of other community members – if you are interested in volunteering your time or making a financial contribution to the team, please contact Rob Steele at 818-396-6277.

L.A. Regional Video

This is a video compilation of our time at the 2013 L.A. Regional. We won 2nd place with MYRON and thanks to the teams that included us in their playoff alliance (Robodox, team 599 and Spartatroniks, team 3512).


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